Some words about us

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified company as well as D & B Certified. Solid Wheels Industries is today the world’s largest manufacturer of premium quality UHMWPE molded wheels. Founded in 1998, after moving from a small shed to a big factory in Changodar, Ahmedabad, India. Automated production facilities with latest technology, in-house workshop, tool-room, CAD-CAM designing workshop as well as in-house mold manufacturing facilities; make Solid Wheels Industries a unique organization with competitive edge in manufacturing of large scale cost effective and quality products. The company has its presence in over twenty countries worldwide today. Continuous innovation for quality improvement and new product development are a part and parcel of the work life at Solid Wheels as it strives to meet the constantly changing customer requirements.


We adhere to the highest standard of quality in all our range of products. We make use of only best quality UHMW–PE Powder, PPCP, PU Material etc. We very Well understand the need for safety and strength in the field, hence all our products comply with the best safety and quality standards.


1. UHMW-0 PE Trolley Wheels in different series, shapes & colours for material handling equipments.
2. UHMW-PE Rollers for Pallet Trucks, stackers etc.
3. UHMW-PE Rods.
4. UHMW-PE Pulleys, having V groove, square groove and Pulley groove.
5. UHMW-PE Sheets, Engineering Parts & Textile parts.
6. Nylon/Cast Nylon Trolley Wheels and Rollers for Pallet Trucks.
7. Poly Propylene Co-Polymer (CP) Wheels.
8. Polyurethane wheels i.e. Injection Moulded PU Wheels on PPCP/Nylon Center and Cast PU wheels & Rollers etc on Allu/C.I/M.S. Center.
9. Casters : Such as Pressed Steel casters , Forged Steel Casters, Fabricated, Medium duty and Heavy duty Casters.
10. Hydraulic Pallet Trucks.